“Sue Sherry was invaluable to us as a realtor when we sold our house. She advised us on everything from decor to pricing, with an end result of selling the house within 8 days for close to the asking price. Sue is professional, honest, well-versed in local real estate and a straight shooter. We have nothing but praise for Sue’s ability as a realtor.”

– Kate F. and Steve K., Solana Beach

“Sue sold our house quickly and for a great price even as the market was turning down. More importantly, she was a tremendous help to us every step of the way, from getting the house ready up to the final signatures. She gave us both hard work and excellent judgement. If we ever move back to San Diego she’s the first one we’ll call.”

– Steve K.

“Buying a home is an energy intensive, all consuming process. It is like having a second job. Every minute is spent looking for the right home, rushing to get the best bid in, then going through the piles of confusing paperwork…it is enough to make you question your sanity. It is, however, worth every minute…once you get in the right home. The peace of mind of having your own home is indescribable.

Fortunately for us, you were on our side from minute one. You are vastly knowledgeable about the areas of the County that were right for our needs. You diligently sent us viable listings as well as sorting through the ones we found ourselves. You were savvy about what the other Realtors were really “saying”, or “not saying”, in their listings and steered us away from being mislead. We had a complicated situation, but you never wavered in your tenacity to find “our house”. You genuinely cared about finding our home as much as we did. Lastly, you were very honest with us when we did not have our feet on the ground and a welcome cheerleader when we got discouraged.

Without you, I know for certain, we would not be in the wonderful home we are in. You are someone I would want helping my children, when they are looking for the home of their dreams. You integrity makes you the best agent for the job, bar none.”

– Monya Tabor

“I was a first-time home buyer and the whole process was foreign and exhausting. My saving grace through it all was my agent, Sue Sherry.

Any agent can put you on the MLS and unlock a door for you, but you need someone who will do more than that. Sue wore many hats through my homebuying adventure. She was my cheerleader and BFF, a pragmatic parent, a patient teacher and a badass big sister. From the onset, Sue wanted us to understand the process we were about to go through. She didn’t just explain her part, but also explained what was going on in the market and what that meant for us. She was realistic about timelines, brutally honest about our competitiveness in the market, and understanding of the emotional roller-coaster that is the home buying process. To top it off, Sue seems to have preternatural instincts about homes and your chances to get into them.

We definitely put Sue’s skill to the test as we had limited funds, a long list of needs and wants from our house, a loan that turned out to have weird limitations, and what turned out to be one of the worst mortgage brokers in the history of lending. Clearly, Sue is either a glutton for punishment or enjoys an enormous challenge. My incompetent broker failed to disclose the limits of my loan obviously to me, but also to Sue during their initial conversation. So when we lost a house because it did not conform, Sue took my broker to task and got things clarified to avoid further issues.

We were all disheartened after we lost the first house, but Sue kept encouraging us. She kept us focused on our long-term goals, in spite of our temporary set-backs. She did this as we were outbid on several houses, when new listings were slow coming, and when were just tired of looking. She encouraged, coaxed, and kicked us in the pants when we needed it.